Our wonderful law makers

One of our country’s biggest debates right now is whether or not to continue helping our long term unemployed, by helping them pay their bills and be able to eat. Apparently the Republicans and a good portion of all of our law makers don’t see that as something that is important. They would rather do what their party is supposed to do, which is pretty much screw people over while they hem and haw and drag their feet, AND we are coming up on an election year but they they’re jobs aren’t at risk or anything? Not like they might have to be looking for a job any time soon right? I guess that I just don’t understand doing what your party wants trumps what you’re supposed to be doing and serving the American people.



The new #FaceBook for #Android

I just signed up for the public beta for FaceBook Android app version 3.4 there are several noticeable changes right off the bat. The first thing is that it does at least seem to load quicker and does seem to be more smooth and have less lag when switching to the side bar chat and opening the notifications panel.  Another of the out right noticeable items is that there’s a notification of how many of your “FaceBook Friends” are available to chat, in that number it doesn’t include the friends that are on mobile, and just like the Desktop Website when you open the side panel for the chat it shows the same mobile icon’s and “green lights” for available friends.

Screenshot_2013-06-27-13-34-42 Another item that was added that I amenjoying is the ability to Swipe left and right to bring up your chat contacts and the menu options. Over all I’m quite I’m pressed with the Beta so far I haven’t completely checked all of the features yet.


Have a Good Day and Enjoy!



Who is @JosephKBlack Any way?

This is something I have been trying to figure out, for a few months now… is he just some lonely guy sitting in the dark recesses of his parents basement looking for friends? A place to belong? Is he something more sinister than that possibly an artificial personality controlled by the government? Is he an actual security professional that created the Joe Black persona as a honey pot for hackers. He used to post constantly about Anti-LulzSec this and Anti-Anonymous that, he even got the attention of Attrition a group that investigates boutique Cyber Security Firms, and exposes them. Joe Black didn’t even make it past “AssHat” status, because frankly that is what he is… just another AssHat on the internet, who lives in Omaha, NE, I do believe he thinks he is on a mission to catch hackers so I will agree that he is a honey pot, why else would be go from Super Cyber Cop to Anonymous supporter literally over night? I will give him this he knows how to win over people’s emotions, and get them to like him, but he is still no social engineer. His “Company” website has been infiltrated at least three times, one of the last two times the server was completely deleted, and the last time there was a rather interesting conversation between the alleged hacker and one Ryan Berg former Marine, I call it interesting because Mr. Berg told said hacker from the Admin Panel that he was Mr. Blacks brother, and that Mr. Black was an idiot and didn’t really care what happened to him… doesn’t sound very brotherly now does it? He continued to explain how his brother Joe was a bum living from couch to couch and didn’t know a thing about Cyber Security (which I would agree with) since I started trying to figure out WHO he is, he has taken his personal FaceBook Account either private or deleted it, which had what I believe to be the pictures of what he truly looks like, mid 30’s to early 40’s white guy with tattoos, any ways I am done with Mr. Black his online presence has been relegated to LinkdIn, AboutMe, Twitter, and FaceBook profiles, and he continues to Tweet idiotic tweets like normal, only this time they are aimed to be Accepted by the Anonymous crowd, just remember when you deal with retards it only ends in feces being thrown all over you so just keep in mind who you are dealing with, unless you like smelling like feces and it does not smell like roses, and bubble gum.


@LulzSec Fox and beyond.

LulzSec really propelled themselves into the InfoSec lime light by attacking Fox.com and leaking the database of user names and passwords of affiliates they also gained access to atleast one local fix TV stations website and twitter account, they also invited the internet too ravage the list and several FaceBook accounts were atleast defaced. They then released a database of UK ATM’s (why might you ask?) Because it was pointless (and that’s the point) and funny (lulz), their next release wasn’t a release just a statement, that they were going to release some information, from “An FBI related Website”, as well as AT&T, neither came to fruition, as they said they felt the should keep that information.  The next adventure for what they call The LulzBoat (not the twitter account) was a @Sony Japan website small database leak. We are now up to the current days. @LulzSec attacked and gained root access to the PBS.org website, posted to http://www.pbs.org/lulz/ they also posted a story stating that Tupac was actually alive and living in New Zealand. Why? Because it’s funny and they didn’t care for the recent Wikileaks program.

Have a good day

Our Fear Mongering Society…

Ok, we live in a world of Headlines the bigger and the scarier the Headline, the more attention it gets.  “Commander In-Chief turns his back on America’s Military” extremely scary sounding article, about the possible veto of a stop-gap bill for a week that was designed to keep the government running, seriously!? Why can’t we just report news like we should, this is what happened, ok the President said he would Veto a Stop Gap Bill, but if you couldn’t agree on something at work and your boss told you that there would be no extension to get the work done would he be turning his back on the people who work for him?  I understand that it is a rather disproportionate example, but government shut downs generally won’t last long and anyone who works will get paid, maybe retroactively but they will still be paid, this whole ordeal is a fight over cultural beliefs, it’s basically a children’s argument, “No my idea is better!” we as a society need to do something that is seemingly impossible, settle our differences and get along for the children, so that we don’t scare the kiddo’s.

The Current Sony Predicament

Recently Anonymous launched OpSony the systemic take down of Sony and Sony Computer Entertainment of America’s web sites, in the defense of a hacker named GeoHot (http://geohotgotsued.blogspot.com/) and requested the IP (Internet Provider) Addresses of any one that has visited his website and watched his videos. There was a question posed recently that I feel is a legitimate question too be posed to the general public, are DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) Attacks on web sites a legitimate form of protest? Let’s look at it this way people in the US have been performing Boycotts since 1830, which involves a group of people making a resounding effort to not participate in the purchase of goods and services from a particular entity whether it be a Governmental Agency, or a Commercial Entity too correct a wrong that was committed.  In today’s society and the world-wide economy that we live in it is virtually impossible to make an impact by simply “not buying products in stores” so how would you create the same financial harm, in today’s world-wide economy, as you would be able to do in a 1950’s Boycott? That is the question that we have to ask ourselves when thinking about the legitimacy of the action.  Another way you can look at it, is do the means justify the end result. In my own opinion in today’s world-wide internet  economy, a company’s web site is everything, if you don’t have a web site you don’t exist online, it’s in my opinion  a forced boycott, people can’t visit your web site they can’t spend money, you also can not get information about their current or new and upcoming products, which if maintained for the long run could cost a large company millions, if the world could not visit your websites, or play games on your networks, which would create a new cost customers calling customer service. So I ask this question to you, “Do you feel you should be able to do what you want with what you buy and own legally?” Or should it be considered legally actionable, and you held financially responsible for something you do with what you own.  Also information should be remain free, and not stifled, innovation has changed and should not be held back, our definition of innovation is starting to change, in our world of technology.