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Who is @JosephKBlack Any way?

This is something I have been trying to figure out, for a few months now… is he just some lonely guy sitting in the dark recesses of his parents basement looking for friends? A place to belong? Is he something more sinister than that possibly an artificial personality controlled by the government? Is he an actual security professional that created the Joe Black persona as a honey pot for hackers. He used to post constantly about Anti-LulzSec this and Anti-Anonymous that, he even got the attention of Attrition a group that investigates boutique Cyber Security Firms, and exposes them. Joe Black didn’t even make it past “AssHat” status, because frankly that is what he is… just another AssHat on the internet, who lives in Omaha, NE, I do believe he thinks he is on a mission to catch hackers so I will agree that he is a honey pot, why else would be go from Super Cyber Cop to Anonymous supporter literally over night? I will give him this he knows how to win over people’s emotions, and get them to like him, but he is still no social engineer. His “Company” website has been infiltrated at least three times, one of the last two times the server was completely deleted, and the last time there was a rather interesting conversation between the alleged hacker and one Ryan Berg former Marine, I call it interesting because Mr. Berg told said hacker from the Admin Panel that he was Mr. Blacks brother, and that Mr. Black was an idiot and didn’t really care what happened to him… doesn’t sound very brotherly now does it? He continued to explain how his brother Joe was a bum living from couch to couch and didn’t know a thing about Cyber Security (which I would agree with) since I started trying to figure out WHO he is, he has taken his personal FaceBook Account either private or deleted it, which had what I believe to be the pictures of what he truly looks like, mid 30’s to early 40’s white guy with tattoos, any ways I am done with Mr. Black his online presence has been relegated to LinkdIn, AboutMe, Twitter, and FaceBook profiles, and he continues to Tweet idiotic tweets like normal, only this time they are aimed to be Accepted by the Anonymous crowd, just remember when you deal with retards it only ends in feces being thrown all over you so just keep in mind who you are dealing with, unless you like smelling like feces and it does not smell like roses, and bubble gum.



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