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@LulzSec Fox and beyond.

LulzSec really propelled themselves into the InfoSec lime light by attacking and leaking the database of user names and passwords of affiliates they also gained access to atleast one local fix TV stations website and twitter account, they also invited the internet too ravage the list and several FaceBook accounts were atleast defaced. They then released a database of UK ATM’s (why might you ask?) Because it was pointless (and that’s the point) and funny (lulz), their next release wasn’t a release just a statement, that they were going to release some information, from “An FBI related Website”, as well as AT&T, neither came to fruition, as they said they felt the should keep that information.  The next adventure for what they call The LulzBoat (not the twitter account) was a @Sony Japan website small database leak. We are now up to the current days. @LulzSec attacked and gained root access to the website, posted to they also posted a story stating that Tupac was actually alive and living in New Zealand. Why? Because it’s funny and they didn’t care for the recent Wikileaks program.

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