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Our Fear Mongering Society…

Ok, we live in a world of Headlines the bigger and the scarier the Headline, the more attention it gets.  “Commander In-Chief turns his back on America’s Military” extremely scary sounding article, about the possible veto of a stop-gap bill for a week that was designed to keep the government running, seriously!? Why can’t we just report news like we should, this is what happened, ok the President said he would Veto a Stop Gap Bill, but if you couldn’t agree on something at work and your boss told you that there would be no extension to get the work done would he be turning his back on the people who work for him?  I understand that it is a rather disproportionate example, but government shut downs generally won’t last long and anyone who works will get paid, maybe retroactively but they will still be paid, this whole ordeal is a fight over cultural beliefs, it’s basically a children’s argument, “No my idea is better!” we as a society need to do something that is seemingly impossible, settle our differences and get along for the children, so that we don’t scare the kiddo’s.

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