Our wonderful law makers

One of our country’s biggest debates right now is whether or not to continue helping our long term unemployed, by helping them pay their bills and be able to eat. Apparently the Republicans and a good portion of all of our law makers don’t see that as something that is important. They would rather do what their party is supposed to do, which is pretty much screw people over while they hem and haw and drag their feet, AND we are coming up on an election year but they they’re jobs aren’t at risk or anything? Not like they might have to be looking for a job any time soon right? I guess that I just don’t understand doing what your party wants trumps what you’re supposed to be doing and serving the American people.



The new #FaceBook for #Android

I just signed up for the public beta for FaceBook Android app version 3.4 there are several noticeable changes right off the bat. The first thing is that it does at least seem to load quicker and does seem to be more smooth and have less lag when switching to the side bar chat and opening the notifications panel.  Another of the out right noticeable items is that there’s a notification of how many of your “FaceBook Friends” are available to chat, in that number it doesn’t include the friends that are on mobile, and just like the Desktop Website when you open the side panel for the chat it shows the same mobile icon’s and “green lights” for available friends.

Screenshot_2013-06-27-13-34-42 Another item that was added that I amenjoying is the ability to Swipe left and right to bring up your chat contacts and the menu options. Over all I’m quite I’m pressed with the Beta so far I haven’t completely checked all of the features yet.


Have a Good Day and Enjoy!



#Flipboard for #Android

Today Flipboard for android was leaked  after being pulled from a Galaxy SIII when you go to Flipboards website there is a link that says Flipboard is coming to Android http://flipboard.com/android/ , the leak has sparked conversations concerning software piracy once again, with industry inflated numbers, to make Piracy look like it hurts companies more then it does, and everyone’s varying opinions on the subject.  On my Google+ I saw a picture of Willy Wonka (Gene Wilder) that said something along the lines of The Avengers being one of the highest grossing movies ever that was proof that movie piracy was hurting the film industry, as much as they claim it does.

Emotions aside it’s been here for over a decade and it’s not going any where, we attempt to pass extremely restrictive laws on the usage of the internet at the request of the big money that is the RIAA, MPAA and any other acronym that you can come up with. There are law suits against thousands of anonymous defendants for millions each, they try to ruin people’s lives over, songs, movies, and software, there are Copyright Trolls, that are just out to make a buck over the issue, personally I think it’s all blown out of proportion for the most part. Let’s play devils advocate for a second, lets say you download an Album because you want to see if you like it. (This is NOT taking into consideration the ability to listen to song samples online.) you then turn around and buy the album or delete it a week later depending on what your decision is, was there harm done or an actual financial loss besides the loss of your business if you decide that you don’t like the album or you do just want to purchase certain songs.

Personally if I was a content creator and people went to great lengths to get what I created I would consider it a compliment that people like what I made that much, but that is just me, and with that we /end this rant, if you enjoyed it good, if not then why did you read the whole thing? Either way I hope you have a good day.




Leader of the rebellion who Sabotaged the rebellion

While rallying the troops, for what was to be considered a David v. Goliath type battle, the leader is captured and taken behind enemy lines where, he becomes a turncoat and agrees to help in the fight against his own legions of warriors. Sounds like the summary of a work of fiction right? Well it’s not it’s the recent escapades of Hector Xavier Monsegur aka “Sabu” or anonymouSabu, who was arrested or “vanned” by the FBI and quickly agreed to work with them and provide intelligence on other LulzSec and Anonymous hackers. The entire time that Hector “Sabu” was rallying the troops and causing chaos, and turmoil on the the internet, “hacking” FBI related companies and gathering information on his friends and passing it along to the FBI, what was he promised exactly? Who knows, it was good enough for him to turn against everything that he believed in, and the people who called him a friend and those who looked up to his ideals of breaking the system down once piece at a time, during that entire time of preaching how he’s not a snitch and how snitch’s should be dealt with

Pot calling Kettle Black

Here is another fine example of Sabu’s hypocrisy

Maybe he was sending a message not to trust what he says? Maybe it was still a rouse to throw people off?  We may never know, how long til Sabu gets a book deal? Welfare Dad/Anonymous/LulzSec hacker spends 5 years in prison and writes a book and makes a 6 digit income? I have an idea for the title “Sabu my Life as the world most notorious Snitch”, I find this all VERY entertaining I wonder how long till he resurfaces.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

I needed a phone because my Motorola Droid was dying literally, it wouldn’t receive text messages the battery was completely drained in about 10 min or less from a full charge. I waited and I looked at other phones, but for the most part I didn’t want to go off of the Stock Android look unless it was something I wanted to change. I finally decided that this was the phone I wanted, I also must say it was a VERY good choice and worth the wait.

From the factory it’s a 1.2 ghz dual core processor with 1 gb of ram, a Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 720 x 1280 pixels, 4.65 inches, 32 gb of internal storage and no SD card. At first the thought of not having a removable SD card, frightened me (due to the lack of ability to add more storage) but I must say because of my use of Google Music, the need to add more storage to the phone has actually negated. It displays at 720p. It has a 5 mp camera on the back and a 1.2 mp front facing camera, for using it to do Video Chat through Google Talk, Skype, I have not yet tested the video chat yet to see how it works. I will say this unlocking the bootloader through ADB and rooting it was fairly simple, making the root access permanent was a little more interesting you have to use Root Explorer and either delete or rename a file in the OS that reverts to the Stock Recovery otherwise you have to Flash the new recovery every time you reboot the phone and want to install a new ROM. I have been through about 5 ROMs since the release date. Some worked well some not so well. Currenly I am using AOKP (Android Open Source Kang Project) as well as imoseyon’s lean kernel version 1.5 over clocked at 1.35 ghz, and the phone is just screaming with speed.

As far as Android 4.0 goes, it is a very nice looking interface and unlike anything that Android has ever been, I personally like the way it looks stock, I have thought about using theme’s but I am not sure I would find one that I would like, because I am a fan of the stock look. My main complaint with the way it looks is the persistent search bar on the main screen. With the use of ROMs that can be changed so it’s not a big deal, I do LOVE the soft keys for the home, back, and recent applications, they can be themed and altered which beats having hardware keys, that you can’t do anything with, as you can see in this picture I changed the color of my soft keys to a dark blue from the standard white. I did use the phone for 3 days before rooting it and installing a new recovery. Even stock this phone is truly a joy to use in my opinion. As far as playing videos on it I suggest Mx Video Player
As far as the camera only being 5 mp it still takes VERY nice pictures , it also records at 1080p video, I haven’t done much HD recording with it yet, but it seems like it will have a good recording quality..

Development of ROM’s, Overclocking kernels, and Theme’s, I have to say the amount of people that are developing for Android 4.0 and the Galaxy Nexus specifically is impressive, there are A LOT of ROM’s and theme’s and kernels to choose from, it’s almost enough to make your head spin, what to try and play around with. There are some App compatibility issues with 4.0, but that is to be expected, Grand Theft Auto III on it is very playable, and the graphics, are beautiful you do have to take into consideration that it os a 10 year old game running on a phone, and I am pretty sure that they wanted to keep the graphics like they were, when the game originally released.

The phone has Near Field Communications (NFC), it has the ability to read and transmit information Via RFID, you can Google Wallet with it, you can either Associate a Citibank Master Card, or you can Activate and load/reload a Google Virtual Master Card gift card, and use it to pay at PayPass locations, it’s fun puzzling people by paying with your phone, the dazzled looks are more that worth using it. Your Google Wallet is protected by a pin number that you set, payments are quick and easy, and pretty convenient if you don’t want to carry your wallet or purse into a store but you have your phone and wish to buy something. Of course you have to load money on to your Google virtual gift card before you can use it, but Google does load $10.00 when you first activate it (for a limited time).

I am impressed with this phone and I would recommend it to anyone looking to a power user phone.

I hope you enjoyed reading this,



This post has nothing to do with the Tech World. I have been thinking about how fake we as a people are, and how we try to deceive everyone around us, how we can’t be honest with ourselves or others, until we are forced into recognizing the hard truths. By that point in time is it too late? Do we push back who we are to the point that we won’t let anyone in? Let people see who we are on the inside? Why do we choose to only see what we want to see? Why can’t we see the truth before it’s smashed across our face like a sledgehammer? I think that we choose it to be that way because it is easier to live in ignorant bliss than make the tough choices in life that sometimes needs to be made. When the truth is presented to you by an outside source, do you run from it? Do you push it away? Is it forgotten and stowed away from our sight? That is all for now.


Who is @JosephKBlack Any way?

This is something I have been trying to figure out, for a few months now… is he just some lonely guy sitting in the dark recesses of his parents basement looking for friends? A place to belong? Is he something more sinister than that possibly an artificial personality controlled by the government? Is he an actual security professional that created the Joe Black persona as a honey pot for hackers. He used to post constantly about Anti-LulzSec this and Anti-Anonymous that, he even got the attention of Attrition a group that investigates boutique Cyber Security Firms, and exposes them. Joe Black didn’t even make it past “AssHat” status, because frankly that is what he is… just another AssHat on the internet, who lives in Omaha, NE, I do believe he thinks he is on a mission to catch hackers so I will agree that he is a honey pot, why else would be go from Super Cyber Cop to Anonymous supporter literally over night? I will give him this he knows how to win over people’s emotions, and get them to like him, but he is still no social engineer. His “Company” website has been infiltrated at least three times, one of the last two times the server was completely deleted, and the last time there was a rather interesting conversation between the alleged hacker and one Ryan Berg former Marine, I call it interesting because Mr. Berg told said hacker from the Admin Panel that he was Mr. Blacks brother, and that Mr. Black was an idiot and didn’t really care what happened to him… doesn’t sound very brotherly now does it? He continued to explain how his brother Joe was a bum living from couch to couch and didn’t know a thing about Cyber Security (which I would agree with) since I started trying to figure out WHO he is, he has taken his personal FaceBook Account either private or deleted it, which had what I believe to be the pictures of what he truly looks like, mid 30’s to early 40’s white guy with tattoos, any ways I am done with Mr. Black his online presence has been relegated to LinkdIn, AboutMe, Twitter, and FaceBook profiles, and he continues to Tweet idiotic tweets like normal, only this time they are aimed to be Accepted by the Anonymous crowd, just remember when you deal with retards it only ends in feces being thrown all over you so just keep in mind who you are dealing with, unless you like smelling like feces and it does not smell like roses, and bubble gum.


The Current Hacker/Anonymous Witch Hunts

It seems that there is a lot of “Hacker” witch hunting going on, or is it just an “Anonymous” witch hunt? Everyone is trying to figure out who these “bad guys” are, sorry but Hackers will be around forever. The most dangerous Hackers are not the one’s that publicize their findings, rather the one’s you don’t hear about, who doesn’t publicize their findings, imho. I watch these people try and try and try to find out who hackers are, mainly “Anonymous” but if you hide your true identity online aren’t you technically “Anonymous”? That is not the point of what I am typing. I have been watching people claim they have figured out who “Kayla” is, who “Sabu” is, and who “Topiary” is, and thus far EVERY attempt was unsuccessful so why keep trying? What is the point, of constantly failing? People have been harassed because of these so called “Cyber-Vigilantes” my question is… Is it just about hackers? Or is it about “Anonymous” and WHY? It’s been going on for 20 years information sharing is nothing new, it’s just more publicized than it used to be. I have been active in the game and lurking around for almost as long and to be honest, the way things have become is kinda scary. No so much with how it’s become easier for the Fed’s to track you down, but it’s a combination of how some of these kids don’t have respect for the art of bypassing security or anything at that matter, and all of these “Cyber-Vigilante’s” that are wanna be feds, and think that it’s their job to track down hackers/anonymous members. Yes I have had friends that were v& we all knew there was a chance that the fed could be knocking on our doors, but we didn’t care. We had our fighting between groups, we even pissed of A LOT of people, but we were doing what we wanted and what we liked to do, and that is still how it is. That’s enough seriousness for tonight.


More ramblings…

Here we are again it’s that time of the century I guess… I have been seeing people who I follow griping about the recent arrests of hackers, they are mainly complaining about their age. For instance TFlow who is 16 and Topiary 18, plus a number of people in the US that are not hackers but in this rambling we are not looking at them. I would challenge everyone to find a hacker that didn’t start at a young age? Personally I started around 11 with bulletin board systems, hell I even figured out how to decrypt the over the air playboy channel, using my “cable box”, my VCR, and a pair of rabbit ears. I find this what I would consider over the top anti-hacker sentiment, very interesting and I wonder where it comes from? Just because Anonymous and their offshoot LulzSec (I personally think it was an advertising campaign) hacking has been around for YEARS is MANY forms, some legal, most illegal, I still root my phone to this day, but I have been out of the game for 11 years and it has passed me by, I still watch what happens with great interest, and learn as much as I can here and there. I saw one person ask “Where are their parents?” at home with them? Just because some one gets into hacking doesn’t mean their parents are failures, it doesn’t mean they are bad people, we are quick to demonize and point fingers these days, it’s easier to see when someone gets arrested for it than it used to be. The art of hacking, and then releasing people’s information is nothing new, the only difference is Anonymous and LulzSec has brought it into the bright lights of the public view. So to the people who live their lives to harass hackers, and people who feel like they should stand up for some thing, and “join Anonymous” looking for people of a like thought process, maybe you should look at your miserable lives that your goal in life is to make other people’s life hell, and get a damn hobby.

I think this will be all for today. Remember be good to each other, laughter is an amazing medicine it will brighten some of your darkest days.

You’re either laughing at me or with me, but either way I made you laugh and my work is done.