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The new #FaceBook for #Android

I just signed up for the public beta for FaceBook Android app version 3.4 there are several noticeable changes right off the bat. The first thing is that it does at least seem to load quicker and does seem to be more smooth and have less lag when switching to the side bar chat and opening the notifications panel.  Another of the out right noticeable items is that there’s a notification of how many of your “FaceBook Friends” are available to chat, in that number it doesn’t include the friends that are on mobile, and just like the Desktop Website when you open the side panel for the chat it shows the same mobile icon’s and “green lights” for available friends.

Screenshot_2013-06-27-13-34-42 Another item that was added that I amenjoying is the ability to Swipe left and right to bring up your chat contacts and the menu options. Over all I’m quite I’m pressed with the Beta so far I haven’t completely checked all of the features yet.


Have a Good Day and Enjoy!




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