#Flipboard for #Android

Today Flipboard for android was leaked  after being pulled from a Galaxy SIII when you go to Flipboards website there is a link that says Flipboard is coming to Android http://flipboard.com/android/ , the leak has sparked conversations concerning software piracy once again, with industry inflated numbers, to make Piracy look like it hurts companies more then it does, and everyone’s varying opinions on the subject.  On my Google+ I saw a picture of Willy Wonka (Gene Wilder) that said something along the lines of The Avengers being one of the highest grossing movies ever that was proof that movie piracy was hurting the film industry, as much as they claim it does.

Emotions aside it’s been here for over a decade and it’s not going any where, we attempt to pass extremely restrictive laws on the usage of the internet at the request of the big money that is the RIAA, MPAA and any other acronym that you can come up with. There are law suits against thousands of anonymous defendants for millions each, they try to ruin people’s lives over, songs, movies, and software, there are Copyright Trolls, that are just out to make a buck over the issue, personally I think it’s all blown out of proportion for the most part. Let’s play devils advocate for a second, lets say you download an Album because you want to see if you like it. (This is NOT taking into consideration the ability to listen to song samples online.) you then turn around and buy the album or delete it a week later depending on what your decision is, was there harm done or an actual financial loss besides the loss of your business if you decide that you don’t like the album or you do just want to purchase certain songs.

Personally if I was a content creator and people went to great lengths to get what I created I would consider it a compliment that people like what I made that much, but that is just me, and with that we /end this rant, if you enjoyed it good, if not then why did you read the whole thing? Either way I hope you have a good day.