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Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

I needed a phone because my Motorola Droid was dying literally, it wouldn’t receive text messages the battery was completely drained in about 10 min or less from a full charge. I waited and I looked at other phones, but for the most part I didn’t want to go off of the Stock Android look unless it was something I wanted to change. I finally decided that this was the phone I wanted, I also must say it was a VERY good choice and worth the wait.

From the factory it’s a 1.2 ghz dual core processor with 1 gb of ram, a Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 720 x 1280 pixels, 4.65 inches, 32 gb of internal storage and no SD card. At first the thought of not having a removable SD card, frightened me (due to the lack of ability to add more storage) but I must say because of my use of Google Music, the need to add more storage to the phone has actually negated. It displays at 720p. It has a 5 mp camera on the back and a 1.2 mp front facing camera, for using it to do Video Chat through Google Talk, Skype, I have not yet tested the video chat yet to see how it works. I will say this unlocking the bootloader through ADB and rooting it was fairly simple, making the root access permanent was a little more interesting you have to use Root Explorer and either delete or rename a file in the OS that reverts to the Stock Recovery otherwise you have to Flash the new recovery every time you reboot the phone and want to install a new ROM. I have been through about 5 ROMs since the release date. Some worked well some not so well. Currenly I am using AOKP (Android Open Source Kang Project) as well as imoseyon’s lean kernel version 1.5 over clocked at 1.35 ghz, and the phone is just screaming with speed.

As far as Android 4.0 goes, it is a very nice looking interface and unlike anything that Android has ever been, I personally like the way it looks stock, I have thought about using theme’s but I am not sure I would find one that I would like, because I am a fan of the stock look. My main complaint with the way it looks is the persistent search bar on the main screen. With the use of ROMs that can be changed so it’s not a big deal, I do LOVE the soft keys for the home, back, and recent applications, they can be themed and altered which beats having hardware keys, that you can’t do anything with, as you can see in this picture I changed the color of my soft keys to a dark blue from the standard white. I did use the phone for 3 days before rooting it and installing a new recovery. Even stock this phone is truly a joy to use in my opinion. As far as playing videos on it I suggest Mx Video Player
As far as the camera only being 5 mp it still takes VERY nice pictures , it also records at 1080p video, I haven’t done much HD recording with it yet, but it seems like it will have a good recording quality..

Development of ROM’s, Overclocking kernels, and Theme’s, I have to say the amount of people that are developing for Android 4.0 and the Galaxy Nexus specifically is impressive, there are A LOT of ROM’s and theme’s and kernels to choose from, it’s almost enough to make your head spin, what to try and play around with. There are some App compatibility issues with 4.0, but that is to be expected, Grand Theft Auto III on it is very playable, and the graphics, are beautiful you do have to take into consideration that it os a 10 year old game running on a phone, and I am pretty sure that they wanted to keep the graphics like they were, when the game originally released.

The phone has Near Field Communications (NFC), it has the ability to read and transmit information Via RFID, you can Google Wallet with it, you can either Associate a Citibank Master Card, or you can Activate and load/reload a Google Virtual Master Card gift card, and use it to pay at PayPass locations, it’s fun puzzling people by paying with your phone, the dazzled looks are more that worth using it. Your Google Wallet is protected by a pin number that you set, payments are quick and easy, and pretty convenient if you don’t want to carry your wallet or purse into a store but you have your phone and wish to buy something. Of course you have to load money on to your Google virtual gift card before you can use it, but Google does load $10.00 when you first activate it (for a limited time).

I am impressed with this phone and I would recommend it to anyone looking to a power user phone.

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