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This post has nothing to do with the Tech World. I have been thinking about how fake we as a people are, and how we try to deceive everyone around us, how we can’t be honest with ourselves or others, until we are forced into recognizing the hard truths. By that point in time is it too late? Do we push back who we are to the point that we won’t let anyone in? Let people see who we are on the inside? Why do we choose to only see what we want to see? Why can’t we see the truth before it’s smashed across our face like a sledgehammer? I think that we choose it to be that way because it is easier to live in ignorant bliss than make the tough choices in life that sometimes needs to be made. When the truth is presented to you by an outside source, do you run from it? Do you push it away? Is it forgotten and stowed away from our sight? That is all for now.



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