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The Current Hacker/Anonymous Witch Hunts

It seems that there is a lot of “Hacker” witch hunting going on, or is it just an “Anonymous” witch hunt? Everyone is trying to figure out who these “bad guys” are, sorry but Hackers will be around forever. The most dangerous Hackers are not the one’s that publicize their findings, rather the one’s you don’t hear about, who doesn’t publicize their findings, imho. I watch these people try and try and try to find out who hackers are, mainly “Anonymous” but if you hide your true identity online aren’t you technically “Anonymous”? That is not the point of what I am typing. I have been watching people claim they have figured out who “Kayla” is, who “Sabu” is, and who “Topiary” is, and thus far EVERY attempt was unsuccessful so why keep trying? What is the point, of constantly failing? People have been harassed because of these so called “Cyber-Vigilantes” my question is… Is it just about hackers? Or is it about “Anonymous” and WHY? It’s been going on for 20 years information sharing is nothing new, it’s just more publicized than it used to be. I have been active in the game and lurking around for almost as long and to be honest, the way things have become is kinda scary. No so much with how it’s become easier for the Fed’s to track you down, but it’s a combination of how some of these kids don’t have respect for the art of bypassing security or anything at that matter, and all of these “Cyber-Vigilante’s” that are wanna be feds, and think that it’s their job to track down hackers/anonymous members. Yes I have had friends that were v& we all knew there was a chance that the fed could be knocking on our doors, but we didn’t care. We had our fighting between groups, we even pissed of A LOT of people, but we were doing what we wanted and what we liked to do, and that is still how it is. That’s enough seriousness for tonight.



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