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Here we are again it’s that time of the century I guess… I have been seeing people who I follow griping about the recent arrests of hackers, they are mainly complaining about their age. For instance TFlow who is 16 and Topiary 18, plus a number of people in the US that are not hackers but in this rambling we are not looking at them. I would challenge everyone to find a hacker that didn’t start at a young age? Personally I started around 11 with bulletin board systems, hell I even figured out how to decrypt the over the air playboy channel, using my “cable box”, my VCR, and a pair of rabbit ears. I find this what I would consider over the top anti-hacker sentiment, very interesting and I wonder where it comes from? Just because Anonymous and their offshoot LulzSec (I personally think it was an advertising campaign) hacking has been around for YEARS is MANY forms, some legal, most illegal, I still root my phone to this day, but I have been out of the game for 11 years and it has passed me by, I still watch what happens with great interest, and learn as much as I can here and there. I saw one person ask “Where are their parents?” at home with them? Just because some one gets into hacking doesn’t mean their parents are failures, it doesn’t mean they are bad people, we are quick to demonize and point fingers these days, it’s easier to see when someone gets arrested for it than it used to be. The art of hacking, and then releasing people’s information is nothing new, the only difference is Anonymous and LulzSec has brought it into the bright lights of the public view. So to the people who live their lives to harass hackers, and people who feel like they should stand up for some thing, and “join Anonymous” looking for people of a like thought process, maybe you should look at your miserable lives that your goal in life is to make other people’s life hell, and get a damn hobby.

I think this will be all for today. Remember be good to each other, laughter is an amazing medicine it will brighten some of your darkest days.

You’re either laughing at me or with me, but either way I made you laugh and my work is done.



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