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DoXing people

These are my personal opinions of Doxing someone a.k.a gathering the personal information of some one on the internet.

First things first, you can’t rely on the validity of other people’s “work” so say we have Internet Relay Chat (IRC) logs from a “private” chat, with your specific target. How do you know they are not made up and leaked on purpose?  You can not DoX someone properly in a month, it takes MUCH more than just “leaked” private chat logs, Domain “look ups”, it takes work lots of work, with the ability of anyone to become anybody on the internet, with prepaid and basically untraceable credit cards that are accepted the same way as any others on the internet, and tat you can put in any info you want into domain registrations, and forum registrations, it’s not hard to create a fake identity or use some one else’s.  Personally it’s smarter to use a real person’s info when setting up an invisible online life, reference this article by @adrienchen. Proper DoXing requires infiltration, more than just getting into an IRC chat channel, and logging what is said, you have to get to know the Target what they like and like to do, figure out what their mental weaknesses are, what they like to talk about, you need to create a “friendship” you need to come across as trustworthy, honest, and truthful to your target, you need to make them comfortable with you, and feel like they can tell you ANYTHING. It’s this fairly lost skill called Social Engineering (SE), I have seen a few instances of minor and poor attempts at SE, that were fairly poor attempts at it. SE can be done in a matter of minutes for it could take months or years, every one does it we just don’t realize it most of the time. Think about this when you want to get what you want from someone, you do your best to convince them that it would be in their best interests to give it to you correct? That in some way you getting what you want gives them something in return, may it be just the simple satisfaction of making you happy.

All of that being said, to properly DoX some one they can’t know you’re doing it until it’s done. What have we learned with this quickie little lesson on DoXing? Maybe you should only use the information that you yourself gather, don’t make claims based on someone else’s work, otherwise you may make yourself look dumber than you already are/do.


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2 responses to “DoXing people

  1. 4F ⋅

    Snakes rarely bite when they are not stepped on… anonymity is important for everyone…
    “dox not lest ye be doxed…”

  2. OMG LOL

    Hey shut the fuck up! ^ ^ lol

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