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Sony v. George Hotz Settlement.

The Sony lawsuit against the iPhone and PS3 hacker George Hotz (GeoHot) has been settled out of court.  I don’t see how it can be a good thing for the Hacking community, I know that GeoHot is not allowed to ever hack or disseminate hacks for anything Sony or face $10,000 per offense in penalties.  With with what little details of the settlement are available my summary of what I have seen can not be good, for the Firmware hacking community.  In my own opinion this settlement has left open an enormous Lawsuit Arena for companies too take action, on what you personally do with your own equipment, Even if you are not Pirating software, according to Sony just because the ACT of hacking your own equipment now can potentially open you up to law suits by big technology corporations with expensive lawyers hiding behind the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998, which was designed to prevent people from circumventing, Digital Rights Management (DRM), iPhone hacking was just added as an exemption to the DMCA last year, so my question is.  What is the Difference? You can run pirated software on a Jail-Broken iPhone as easily as you can a Jail-Broken PS3, personally I think it’s about the money… Considering most software on a iPhone at most is 4 or 5 dollars and 20 -60 dollars for a PS3 game. But in my opinion as of right now about this whole thing is it can’t be good for the Hacking Community, or Innovation, I hope I am wrong. I was reading some of the PlayStation Network comments on the Sony Blog Post, and it drove me crazy people talking about how much they hated GeoHot for what he did and how he was demonized for it, just made me sick.  People like GeoHot that keep our technology from stalling are good for everyone including the people who claim they hate him for doing it. Where will this take us I don’t know, I do hope that the road we go down, does not restrict our freedoms, when it comes to Technology.

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One response to “Sony v. George Hotz Settlement.

  1. Bitatatime ⋅

    Came across this on twitter. I have similar sentiments the usefulness and ability of technology in solving problems seems to be the enemies of the corporate world. They don’t like innovation they like monopoly so the less people be creative with the goods they buy the easier its is for them.

    I think firmware hacking is a lovely thing and allows enthusiasts to really learn more so that in future they can give more.

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