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The Belief Systems

Ok touchy subject I know. But I am a true Atheist I don’t believe in heaven or hell. If you do then good for you, but please do not try too sell or push your beliefs upon me I don’t want them.  I will respect you as a member of our planet. If you can not respect me for what I have chosen too or not too believe then that is your loss in life. Many people have been killed in the name of religion and many more will be killed. Before you say “My Religion Never has…”  chances are you are wrong, I don’t have numbers on it, but one person wiped off this earth in the name of religion is too many I don’t care how wacky the perpetrator is.  Why does God and or Jesus need your money? Your church is richer than u and chances are depending on the religion your pastor or what ever you may call him may make more money than you but he will still require u
You too give money too support him, ok and seriously how fucking backwards are you that women can’t be pastors!? These are MY personal issues if you have read this far obviously I am not forcing what I think upon you. Most of our major wars through history has been caused by religion. Of you are happy with what you have then good for you.  All I want is for people too respect each others differences, even tho I think you are wacky for believing in something that you can’t see or hear or touch I can respect the fact that you do.

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2 responses to “The Belief Systems

  1. I like your directness and honesty. It’s refreshing. I do believe in God and CANNOT prove to you that God exists. The God and religion as commonly portrayed is really a statement of how far from God all of Humanity is. However, while God cannot be proved I would ask two things of you if indeed you do have an investigative mind. Have you ever had a precognitive dream, or have you ever had an unexplainable Time/Space experience (psychic experience, I hate that word). These things are personal experience that show that there may be somethiing more. God or not God is irrelevant. What I’m trying to say is that God is NOT mystical but actually ultimate reality.

    There are no unnatural or supernatural phenomena, only very large gaps
    in our knowledge of what is natural.
    Edgar Mitchell
    Apollo 14 Astronaut

    • Karnaj

      I do think that people can be religious with out religion and I do believe it’s not supposed too matter where you are, otherwise it a meeting of like minded people.

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